Clere Electronic Components are distributors of electronic components, importing products from all over the world.

We deal with a multitude of different suppliers in various currencies and the lead times on the product we supply can range from days to months. We often need to raise complex part numbers with very detailed descriptions to ensure both Sales and Purchase orders can be complex incorporating multiple items and multiple drops per item, with a continual chain of amendments against annual call offs.

Although the above description of how we work doesn’t sound overly complicated, our search for suitable replacement software through 2003 was exhaustive and totally unsuccessful. Every package reviewed contained at least one major flaw that would compromise the way we work.

Fortunately in early 2004 we found OrderWise.

After the first demonstration the software appeared to be ideal, there were a few areas that concerned us, there always are. The difference this time was that the salesman fully understood our needs, he came back to us within days confirming that the system could be tailored to our needs and he had resolved all but one of the discrepancies highlighted with suggestions as to how they could be overcome.

“The training was excellently presented, the system was set up around our requirements and by the end of it we all fully understood what it could do for us and how we needed to progress towards implementation.”

Within weeks the training sessions at the OrderWise offices had been confirmed and I had several of my staff ranging from data processors to the FD booked in for three days intensive training. The training was excellently presented, the system was set up around our requirements and by the end of it we fully understood what it could do for us and how we needed to progress towards implementation. This took place several weeks later after our data had been extracted from the old system and placed on the new one.
We fully expected 2 – 3 months of having to ghost work the old system with the new, but found the OrderWise system so easy to use and reliable that we archived the old system and ran OrderWise alone within 2 or 3 weeks of the go live date.

After five months of operarting OrderWise we had no major problems.

“The occasional error, usually our own doing, is resolved quickly and efficiently by the support desk with minimal fuss.”

There appear to be no barriers as to what information can be extracted from the system in whatever format you need. The report writing team are always available to help with new requirements and it is a joy to work with a company whose goal is to service our needs rather than extract cash from us every time we need a tweak or more functionality added.

I would recommend this software to anyone who needs a flexible system that can be tailored to their needs and developed as their organisation grows and changes.

This is all complimented by a professional and friendly Sales and Support staff who not only know their system but are constantly updating it and using your suggestions and ideas to enhance the product.

Paul Clarke, Managing Director
Clere Electronic Components

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