Muddy Paws LogoMuddy Paws began using OrderWise in 2012.  We spoke to Managing Director Rupert Brown who was keen to explain how OrderWise has played a large part in the growth of the business.


As a predominantly online retailer of quality dog and puppy products, Muddy Paws have thousands of great value lines ranging from dog beds, toys, treats and accessories to gifts and themed home wares.

The Requirement

Muddy Paws was established in 2008 and had been using QuickBooks to manage their accounts.  They had no formal stock control systems in place and as a result were experiencing poor visibility of their stock situation, stock inaccuracies and finding it difficult to maintain correct stock levels.

As a growing family business Muddy Paws needed to keep their operating costs under tight control and wanted a new system to make their processes as efficient and streamlined as possible.

With 95% of their business coming via their own website, ebay and Amazon, it was of key importance to integrate these into a central system.  They found manual management of this was not only time consuming but difficult to accurately maintain.

OrderWise provided the solution

Online channel integration

OrderWise has integrated their ebay and Amazon marketplaces along with their own website meaning staff no longer need to manually retrieve orders.  This has not only saved a huge amount of time re-keying information but has eliminated the potential for errors.  OrderWise now ensures accurate stock levels are maintained across all of their online channels meaning the chance of overselling has been reduced and availability to sell is maximised.

With further ability to automatically synchronise pricing and update order despatched notifications this has freed up staff to spend time on more profitable activities while resulting in higher customer satisfaction.  This is highlighted with current feedback on their website for service over the past 12 months running at 97% from over 2000 reviews.

“We were looking for software that enabled us to achieve the right operating practices. OrderWise stood out in the market as the package that would do this and help our business grow.”

Order & Payment Processing

Although online sales represent the majority of orders into the business, Muddy Paws still handle telephone and walk in orders every day.  Being able to quickly process these orders through OrderWise ensures stock levels for online channels are adjusted accordingly.  Their integration with the same SagePay payment gateway they use for online orders has also meant they not only offer a professional payment handling service to customers but has removed the need to invest in card processing terminals.

Stock Control & Management

OrderWise has provided full and accurate visibility of their stock situation at all times, allowing demand from all sales channels to be accounted for.  This has allowed Muddy Paws to ensure customers are always kept informed, has eliminated the need for regular stock takes and helped minimise stock discrepancies. By managing individual product stock level requirements while accounting for sales demand and supplier lead times OrderWise now ensures that stock levels are optimised, customer orders are fulfilled quickly and has led to over and under stocking issues being resolved.

“OrderWise is a good, robust and easy to use system that is being continuously developed.”

Order Fulfilment, Despatch & Courier Integration.

Muddy Paws have seen order volumes increase from 14,000 to 22,000 during their first year of using OrderWise and feel that this would not have been possible without having OrderWise in place.  Not only are online orders now immediately available in the Despatch module once downloaded but the ease, speed and accuracy that OrderWise allows staff to pick, pack and despatch orders has been vital to these being handled efficiently.

Their use of courier integration to link with their courier software has further streamlined this process allowing consignment details to be generated, labels printed and details sent to the courier at the click of a button.  The implementation of these processes from order receipt through to despatch has not only helped Muddy Paws fulfil customer orders quickly and accurately but has enabled them to achieve this without the increase in staff that would have been required before using OrderWise.

Muddy Paws also use Postcoder integration to ensure customer address details can be quickly and accurately recorded, this has meant incorrect deliveries due to address errors and their associated costs has been reduced.

“As our first end to end business system it’s been great to have experienced support staff just a phone call away. No matter how small the query they are always on hand to assist.”

Growth & Expansion

Managing Director Rupert Brown explained how OrderWise has helped increase order volumes and significantly contributed to a massive 30% revenue growth during its first year of use.  “As a small established family business we recognised that if we wanted to achieve our ambitions to grow we needed to put solid foundations in place.  OrderWise has not only provided the foundations but has given us the tools to grow.  We have plans to further expand our product range and will be adding clothing, footwear, more home wares and moving into other pet areas.”

Having recently added an additional user Rupert told us he we will also be looking at additional modules such as Kitting to handle the growing number of bundled products they sell, the Size/Colour Matrix for managing the clothing and footwear variations and also the HHT Mobile Devices to further improve accuracy and efficiency of their warehouse operations as order volume growth continues.

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